Christian Counseling in Atlanta

You want a life where you can trust God’s plan, believe you have a purpose, and find the conviction to carry it out.

One without loneliness and disconnection. To truly know yourself, feel confident in your beliefs, and to find your place in the world on your own and in your relationships.

But, you’re still struggling with feeling connected with God and others. You’re not sure where he’s at in the process, and you’re not sure how to move forward.

When you first found yourself struggling to connect with others, you blamed it on your demanding career and intense obligations. You believe in the power of hard work and having success to show for yourself. But you never imagined your life would turn out like this. That eventually, you wouldn’t be able to handle all of the high-powered pressure and that you’d need others to rely on. That your drive and ambition, qualities that have always earned you recognition, would stand in the way of you finding a support system. Or that each time you reached a new level of success you find yourself feeling more and more disconnected from God and from those who are important to you.

Instead, you imagined sharing each milestone with your loved ones and your Savior, growing closer together with each accomplishment.

You always knew a successful life required sacrifice. You expected some long hours, late nights, and juggling of your responsibilities. You could see yourself piecing bits of your life together and finding ways to make sure everyone was happy. And, you prepared to spread yourself a bit thin in order to make your and your loved ones’ dreams come true.

That’s not to say you thought balancing it all would be easy. You realize sometimes you’d have to make tough choices to be able to continue your path of achievement.

But what you didn’t expect was to never eat dinner in the same room with your partner unless that room was your office. You never knew how anxious you’d feel looking at your calendar trying to find time for everything you had to do. You had no idea how isolating it would be to strive for success. And, you certainly didn’t expect the impact a busy life would have on your priorities and your faith.

So here you are

The Christian who believes in faith and family but lives a life of worry, sadness, and stress.

You realized it the other day…

Your alarm went off like every other morning. You rushed to get ready for the day, ticking the tasks off the to-do list in your head. You grabbed your briefcase and your bagel and headed to the door only to see your partner’s care parked in the driveway. You glanced at the calendar on the fridge and only then realized it was Sunday. The weight of the Sabbath fell on your shoulders. You’d had no idea this was supposed to be a day of rest.

In a moment of clarity, you realized what you were doing – fueling an unhealthy habit that is keeping you from dedicating your time and energy to the people who really matter.

Ashamed of yourself for prioritizing your busy life over your connection to God, you sat down at the kitchen table. And the guilt crept in.

You thought:

“I can’t believe I’ve been spreading myself so thin.”

“I thought I was accomplishing things, but really I’m just isolating myself and those I love.”

“I wish I knew why I feel so much pressure to succeed.”

“I’m a terrible Christian if I can’t even dedicate a single day to my family and my faith.”

“I just don’t see a way to balance every aspect of my life.”

But when your guilt faded away, when your tears stopped flowing and you could finally think clearly, you admitted to yourself:

“I don’t think I can do this on my own anymore. I need a professional to help.”

You sincerely believe you can have it all, but when you really look at your situation

You haven’t been able to live an authentic life. It’s too difficult to be vulnerable and admit you struggle to keep it all together. You’ve been anxious and dissatisfied a lot more than you ever thought you would be and you struggle to connect with your loved ones in a way that is natural and loving.

It’s painful to feel pulled in so many different directions. There is a lot riding on your shoulders to keep your faith strong, fulfill your obligations, and take care of everyone you love.

But the truth is, success doesn’t just come in one form. Having it all doesn’t have to mean stretching yourself too thin to be able to enjoy life. It’s a daily struggle to have ambition and desire an intimate connection with friends, family, and God. You’re not the only one wishing to find your purpose and find the ways to make it happen while still being close to those you love. The key is finding the right professional who understands the roles your faith plays in your current circumstances.

You’re ready to move forward in a way that brings balance to your busy life and connection to your lonely heart.

When You Seek Christian Counseling with Mikela Hallmark

You will find balance within your spirituality and your work life

You will become more aware of God’s place in your life and your purpose in the world

You will learn about developing healthier, more genuine connections to loved ones

You will develop insight into approaching goals in a calmer, more inclusive manner and achieve them without alienating others

You will learn to rid yourself of the anxiety and stress that keep you from living a calm and content life

The Christian Counseling Process

We’ll meet together weekly for 50-minute sessions. Typically, sessions last for several weeks, but we will work together to create a treatment plan to determine the duration of counseling.

To help individuals become more aware of their anxieties I utilize several evidenced-based therapy practices. These approaches focus on exploring negative thought patterns and setting boundaries so that they can integrate all aspects of their life into a single happy existence.

Here’s what to expect:

WEEK ONE: Intake

During this initial session, we define the therapeutic relationship and discuss the details of the therapy contract. I gather information about you, your family relationships, and your biological, social, and psychological history. We also discuss the goals you have and how to prevent the external pressures in your life from disrupting your faith.

WEEKS TWO And BEYOND: Christian Counseling

During the remaining sessions of Christian Counseling, we will work on the goals you’ve set. Together we’ll explore ways to decrease anxiety, shame, and judgment. We will examine where God is present in your life, and ways you can make meaningful connections with him and your loved ones. In session, we will figure out what areas of life you’ve been neglecting, and how you can work to make the important things a priority.

More About Me

Hi, I’m Mikela, a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am invested in helping clients overcome the root causes of their anxieties and shame so that they can feel more comfortable connecting with others.

It is my job to help my clients know themselves better and get in touch with their purpose in the world, so they are satisfied with the decisions they are making, and the paths they are taking.

I also make it my mission to aid clients in connecting more deeply with people in church, at work, and with friends because they are more in tune with God and themselves.

Who Benefits Most from Christian Counseling with Mikela Hallmark

Christian Counseling is best for those who are ready to change their thought patterns, so they can have better relationships with the important people in their lives and with God. Gaining insight into spirituality and anxiety helps individuals understand the presence God has in their lives and how they benefit from walking away from shame and fear. Christian counseling helps you connect with how the lies you believe impact your anxiety and depression and keep you feeling dissatisfied with yourself and others.

You will benefit from Christian Counseling with me if:

  • You feel overburdened trying to balance all areas of your life
  • You need help discovering ways to balance your ambition, your relationships, and your faith
  • You are tired of getting caught up in your chaotic lifestyle
  • You are able to acknowledge the role you play in any unhealthy relationship dynamics
  • You are ready to break free from the behaviors or thought patterns that continually jeopardize your relationship with your loved ones
  • You want support in working through your difficult or traumatic past but need someone who understands it from a Christian perspective

There are certain situations where Christian Counseling with me might not be the best fit. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • You are looking for pastoral guidance
  • You are not ready to explore the many layers of your anxiety, sadness, and isolation
  • You are currently addicted to illegal substances

What Does Christian Counseling Cost?

I do not currently work with insurance companies.

In the meantime, you and I can work together to explore payment options such as Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Service Accounts, and Out of Network insurance benefits.

Christian Counseling with Mikela Hallmark is fee-for-service at the rate of $135 per hour. I accept all major methods of payment.

Your Next Steps

It is possible to have positive, healthy relationships with important people in your life and achieve the goals you set for yourself while maintaining your spirituality. It is possible to heal from a painful past, or thinking that’s rooted in perfectionism. You can reach the levels of success you desire and have a strong connection to your friends, family, and faith.

Just because you face some external pressures in your life, does not mean that you cannot form meaningful connections with those around you.

You’ll be able to live your life without feelings of pressure, worry, and sadness. You’ll be able to truly explore yourself and your purpose without alienating others. Ultimately, you’ll have the peace of knowing your relationships with God and your loved ones are strong enough to allow you to achieve success.

To schedule an appointment for Christian Counseling with Mikela Hallmark call 678-744-7347.

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