You can have the success you deserve and form the bonds with others that make it all worthwhile.

You thought you’d have life figured out by now, and Yet You’re considering Seeing an Atlanta Counselor. *cURRENTLY PROVIDING oNLINE sESSIONS*

You have a clear picture of how you want your career, your friendships, and your romantic relationships to turn out, and you’re confident you have the means, the drive, and the intelligence to make it happen. But, for some reason, having all the answers is not enough, and there’s a strong sense of sadness and anxiety that comes from believing life should be a certain way but not being able to make it happen. *CURRENTLY PROVIDING ONLINE SESSIONS.*

You’ve always been the type of person to achieve your goals. Success came easily and early for you and it’s something you’ve learned to count on in your life. But for one reason or another, the accomplishments you earn for yourself leave you feeling more and more distant from those around you. And while you may have achieved traditional success, you’re missing out on strong connections with those that genuinely matter in life. It feels like no matter how much you have to show for yourself, you can’t find the right people to share or celebrate with. And so, you’re considering Atlanta counseling.

It’s incredibly nerve-wracking to feel like you must have it all together all the time. Even though you’ve lived with this pressure since childhood, it’s never easy to admit that, while certain aspects of your life are great, you’re disappointed with the way your personal affairs are turning out.

Maybe you’re struggling with your relationship. You and your partner should be fine, but you’re unhappy and arguing. Or perhaps you’re experiencing anxiety or depression. You should be happy with your career and your work, but it’s causing stress. Maybe you’ve experienced a trauma, and it’s finally getting to you. You thought you’d be able to push through, but you can’t. You’re not sure how to deal with it, and you know you’ve got to do something.

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I’m Atlanta counselor Mikela Hallmark, MS, LPC. I am a supportive and non-judgmental therapist who believes every individual has a unique path to happiness. And I’ve gotten busier and busier in my practice, which means I have the honor of gathering some of the best therapists under one roof and helping people schedule sessions with us. Read more about our Atlanta Counselors here.

Coming to our Atlanta counseling office can not only help you redefine the expectations you have for yourself, it can also help you establish loving relationships with others in your life.

You can have the success you deserve and form the bonds with others that make it all worthwhile.

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