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YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU’D FEEL SO POWERLESS, but You’ve decided to TAKE A STEP AND find an atlanta eating disorder therapist…

You constantly fear gaining weight. You’re never satisfied with your body shape or size, and you obsessively count calories or exercise excessively to avoid a body shape you don’t want. Or maybe you have periods where you eat large quantities of food, after which you are devastated by shame. And after one of these episodes, you might find yourself trying to eliminate the food you consumed from your body. You can’t seem to get out of this cycle. *Currently offering Online Sessions*

Even if you’re not engaging in eliminating behaviors, you feel buried under your inability to stop eating. You are overwhelmed by guilt after these episodes. You may promise yourself you’ll never do it again. You feel out of control, and you’re ready to get help. You’re considering seeing an Atlanta eating disorder therapist.

Maybe you don’t even want to change your relationship to food – but your physical and mental health are suffering dramatically. You or your loved ones might even be afraid for your life. Disordered eating can be layered and complex. It often appears with anxiety, depression, trauma, or substance use. Our Atlanta eating disorder therapist works to address all of the pieces and parts that may be contributing to an unhealthy relationship with food and your body.


Prioritization of weight loss, dieting, and food control

Restriction of entire food categories

Discomfort eating around others

Skipping meals or eating smaller portions

Extreme preoccupation with calories, macros, body size, and body shape

Frequent dieting

Observable fluctuations in weight

Dental problems

Feelings of disgust, shame, depression, or guilt after overeating

Unable to maintain an appropriate weight for age and height

Purging behaviors

Excessive exercising

Self-esteem excessively related to body image

Unable to maintain an appropriate weight for age and height

Purging behaviors

Excessive exercising

Self-esteem excessively related to body image


Our Atlanta counseling office uses Health At Every Size principles to help you heal your relationship to your body and with food. Health At Every Size (HAES) rejects diet culture and weight stigma. This approach also rejects the cultural belief that weight, size, or BMI are the sole important markers of health.

Atlanta eating disorder treatment shifts focus from numbers on the scale to navigating each individual’s strengths, resources, and vulnerabilities. We ensure treatment that is unique to you, your circumstance, and the context of your disordered eating.

Your Atlanta eating disorder therapist will help you discern your own thoughts and beliefs from the automatic thoughts controlling your relationship with food. Your therapist will support you in working to heal your relationship with yourself and restore peace when nourishing your body.

Together we will also identify where the disordered eating began and the role it holds in your life. Maybe it developed as a tool to cope with anxiety or painful experiences from your past. Food may feel like the only thing you can control right now. You may even have watched a caregiver struggle with their own relationship with food and you began to internalize their own rules about eating and appearance.

Healing from an eating disorder is a holistic process with many moving parts, and at times it might feel overwhelming. We are here for you every step of the way. Please don’t wait to get the help you need. Reach out today to begin your healing process. If you have any questions about hwich of our therapists can work with disordered eating, please contact us.

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