Feel stressed every time you think about going home to your family, or taking a call from a parent?

Know that there are deep issues there, but it’s the family norm to brush them under the rug? You want a healthy connection with your family, but there’s just no way. He’s too rigid, she’s too emotional, we’re a mess…..

Wish your family was normal? You love your family, but you know that if things don’t change you’ll continue to grow apart or isolate and you’ll never reach the genuine bond you wish you had.

One of the things I encourage clients to consider is whether their family issues are creating problems related to safety, peace, communication, or connectedness.

Many people desire to have happy families, and often times life gets messy which gets in the way of that. Issues in life can create problems with getting along with family members, and sometimes the health of your relationships at home can deteriorate without you realizing this is occurring.

As Atlanta counselors, we can assist you with identifying issues with family communication and dynamics. We can work to help you find healthy ways to communicate and interact that build the family rather than tear it down.

About my work with families

Working with families is something we have lots of experience with. Wework with you to find out family roles and functions, identify issues related to boundaries or communication, and develop a working family plan that the whole family can be a part of. Family counseling can help you to address the styles of communication that could be hurting your family members, and ways to build more healthy communication patterns in order to build a more healthy family. We help to bridge the gap of communication, and assist family members with connecting more deeply with one another.

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