Grief Counseling

You’ve been through something that shook you to your core.

You’re not sure how you’re supposed to act during this time. But you know trying to act like you’re fine is too exhausting. 

The feelings are there, deep inside, and you go back and forth between wanting to really grieve, and stuffing them in so you can make it through the day. And sometimes your feelings take a turn and you feel angry, alone, resentful, numb, and isolated. It’s difficult to know exactly how to connect with others right now, and you’re not sure you know how to do that exactly. There’s really nothing they can say that helps, and so you don’t even know what to tell them when they genuinely try to reach out.

Support Through the Process – Atlanta Grief counseling

Some people think of grief as a linear process, but this Atlanta grief counselor knows better.  Grief is sometimes cyclical. You can experience intense and jumbled feelings all at once, and they leave, and then they can come back up later.

We provide Atlanta grief counseling and we’re here to support you through the process. Our clients are provided with a safe place to let their guards down. You’ll have the opportunity to cry, or allow yourself to speak freely, or discuss your confusing thoughts, or just be. You’ll be able to get away from all of those people and places that demand your time and attention, and just focus on allowing yourself to feel, to grieve, to heal.

Finding Support in the Midst of your Pain

Looking at your future, it’s difficult to imagine where you will go or what you will be after this. This experience, this loss, has crushed you in ways you did not expect. And now, it’s difficult to even imagine what your future will look like.

Grief has an overwhelming way of flooding our thoughts, emotions, and memories with intense feelings of sadness, pain….And because of this it’s difficult to find beauty in the future. Yet, you know you have to move forward.

Still, as an Atlanta grief counselor we know you’re not going to forget. And nothing anyone says is going to change what happened. This is where a lot of us get stuck. In grief counseling you’ll learn that moving through your grief does not mean fixing the pain or changing what happened, or pretending it didn’t happen. Grief is raw. It’s change. It’s difficult emotions. And you’ll learn in grief counseling to work with the experience. You’ll make progress towards finding the beauty in your life. And that beauty, exists side by side with the pain. And eventually, the pain will be less intense. The memory, the experience, the change are all still there, and you will find that you moved through it in the exact way that you wanted to…in a healthy way.

There is hope in this process.

You may be feeling devastated, numb, or hopeless. And as an Atlanta grief counselor, I’m here to share with you that there is hope. In every person, in every story, in every situation I’ve helped people walk through there has been hope. It may not be felt immediately, but grief and healing take time. There is hope and purpose and love and joy on the other side of the pain.

You’ll have help walking through this time so that you can connect with your own sense of purpose, hope, and joy in life.

Reach out for support and schedule an Atlanta grief counseling appointment today.