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 Premarital Counseling in Atlanta – Prepare Enrich – build connection today-

…You’re so excited about the future with your fiance, and you’re thinking it’s a great idea to improve any communication issues and increase connection as you plan to make your way down the aisle. Our premarital counselors in Atlanta are trained in Prepare Enrich, a program that has helped many couples as they prepare for marriage. 


Sounding familiar?

One onnnnnnprovide helpful feedback on ways you can work to reduce feelings of anxiousness and increase a sense of well-being and calm.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

Physical feelings of stress

Panic attacks/anxiety attacks

Tightness in the chest


Tension in the body

The feeling of being hot

Difficulty breathing

Panic attacks

Feelings of being outside of one’s body

Excessive sweating

Excessive worry

Sleeplessness or difficulty sleeping

Stomach issues (including IBS symptoms, indigestion, heartburn, etc.)

Flashbacks and nightmares




Part of working tnnnnnne the power of that stressor.


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Here are a few articles for people who struggle with anxiety

Experiencing anxiety can cause feelings of loneliness, because many people struggle to understand what it is like to have true anxiety. It is important for you to know that you are not alone, and addressing your anxiety can help. When anxiety is left unaddressed it can cause health issues, relationship issues, and more anxiety due to the fear of the anxiety symptom.

While this can all seem overwhelming, it isn’t so bad if you start to work with someone to change the ways you are thinking about your stress and begin to move towards a more peaceful and healthy life.