Anxiety Is Taking Over

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YOU’RE FEELING ANXIOUS ABOUT TOO MANY THINGS…And You’re ready to see an Atlanta Anxiety Counselor

…even the small things that really shouldn’t cause stress. You can’t help but get stressed about what you’ll say in front of other people, who you need to impress, steps you need to take in your career. Learn how Atlanta anxiety counseling can help. *Currently offering Online Sessions*

You’re realizing that no matter how much you try to control the anxiousness, your situation is just too much and you end up avoiding social activities, or not speaking up at work, or overthinking what you’ll say. You’re starting to realize there aren’t many moments in your life that you’re able to just relax and be.

You struggle with perfectionistic thinking patterns, and judge yourself when you don’t measure up the standards that you should.

Sounding familiar?

One of the difficult things about feeling anxious is that most people don’t really talk about it. Instead they hide it, try to deal with it alone, ignore it…until it becomes too much.

We help people seeking anxiety counseling in Atlanta process sources of their stress and reduce their anxiety. We help people work through the thinking patterns and behavior patterns that impact their ability to feel content. We take a nonjudgmental look at what you’re experiencing, and we provide helpful feedback on ways you can work to reduce feelings of anxiousness and increase a sense of well-being and calm.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

Physical feelings of stress

Panic attacks/anxiety attacks

Tightness in the chest


Tension in the body

The feeling of being hot

Difficulty breathing

Panic attacks

Feelings of being outside of one’s body

Excessive sweating

Excessive worry

Sleeplessness or difficulty sleeping

Stomach issues (including IBS symptoms, indigestion, heartburn, etc.)

Flashbacks and nightmares



Anxiety can cause issues with public speaking, being in crowds, doing things you enjoy doing, accomplishing goals, progressing in your career, and even being present with your family. Sometimes it comes on without the person even being aware of the reason why. Our Atlanta counselors know that people’s bodies do crazy things. Sometimes a person will come in and report they’ve developed symptoms (of anxiety) and they used to be fine. We know that anxiety can seem to come out of nowhere, but through anxiety counseling it can usually be connected with some sort of stressor.

Part of working to reduce anxiety is to find out the source, and work to reduce the power of that stressor.

Sometimes reducing the existence of a stressor is unavoidable (for instance if you experience anxiety while driving you may not be able to stop driving), but that doesn’t mean anxiety about it has to continue. Through use of effective therapeutic techniques we can help you reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety can be a crippling issue, or it can be something so small that it just creeps up and you don’t even know it’s hitting you. However you experience it, it’s not fun and it can be difficult to manage. In my Atlanta counseling office, anxiety will be worked on by identifying your symptoms and triggers, identifying the core issue impacting your anxiety, and treat the core issue while helping you build coping skills.

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety you should of course be working with your medical doctor and honestly discuss the symptoms. The key is to rule out any medical conditions. For example, tightness in the chest can be related to anxiety, but it can also be related to heart conditions. It is suggested that you work with your medical doctor to make sure you are taken care of. Beyond that, you can work with an Atlanta anxiety counselor to reduce the symptoms, and help yourself life a more peaceful and happy life. If you would like to speak more about the treatment we use for anxiety please call my Atlanta counseling office.

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Here are a few articles for people who struggle with anxiety

Experiencing anxiety can cause feelings of loneliness, because many people struggle to understand what it is like to have true anxiety. It is important for you to know that you are not alone, and addressing your anxiety can help. When anxiety is left unaddressed it can cause health issues, relationship issues, and more anxiety due to the fear of the anxiety symptom.

While this can all seem overwhelming, it isn’t so bad if you start to work with someone to change the ways you are thinking about your stress and begin to move towards a more peaceful and healthy life.