Online Counseling Atlanta – Telehealth

We Are Now Providing Online Counseling in Atlanta – Telehealth services

Feeling anxious with everything going on in the world? Needing someone to talk to without having to leave your home?

You’re starting to feel the weight of everything going on. You’re noticing there’s a heavier demand on your energy, your time, and you’re even feeling the weight of the uncertainty of finances or health. You’ve started to think that Atlanta online counseling might be a good idea.

Typically, you’re the person that has it all together. You manage all of the chaos of life well, but lately you’re noticing yourself feeling anxious with all of the uncertainty, pressure, and stress that working from home, or staying at home is bringing. You’ve felt a strain on your relationships, and you’re finding yourself feeling alone even with all of the people in your life that should make you feel ‘not alone.’

Instead of feeling stressed, you expected this time of year to feel happy, exciting…pleasant. You’re recognizing that you could use support in managing the anxiousness. You could use someone to listen, maybe even validate, help you make a plan, or just encourage you to turn off the news on occasion.

We’re here to help. We’ve extended our service offerings to include online counseling in Atlanta, in order to support people in this journey. In fact, we’ve moved to only telehealth services in order to do our part to support efforts regarding coronavirus.

It can Help to talk to a counselor Who is used to working with high achievers

You know you typically put a lot of pressure on yourself, and you want to manage this well. But managing it hasn’t really been working. You’ve been feeling anxious, wound up, and have had difficulty just smiling at your spouse, or kids, or roommate. You know that you could benefit from speaking with someone who gets that part of you, and will also encourage you to breathe, take breaks, make wise decisions.

You’re ready to move forward in a way that brings balance to your busy life and connection to your lonely heart.

More About Me

Hi, I’m Mikela, a Licensed Professional Counselor and founder of this counseling practic. I am invested in helping clients overcome the root causes of their anxieties and shame so that they can feel more comfortable connecting with others, and I’ve brought on other counselors who share my same passion. Click here to read more about the team.
It is our job to help clients know themselves better and get in touch with their purpose in the world, so they are satisfied with the decisions they are making, and the paths they are taking.
We also make it a mission to aid clients in connecting more deeply with people in their communities, at work, and with friends.