Substance Use Counseling

People say you use too much

You heard it just the other day from your spouse. You’re drinking too much alcohol (or other drug of choice). You don’t see it as a problem. You go to work every day. You take care of things at the house. Why does it matter that you have a few glasses of wine or some beer when you unwind? 

You know you become a little mean, but who doesn’t argue? You realize that it has something to do with your drinking but you’ll never admit it to your spouse because that would mean they would expect you to quit. Yet, today you’re considering Atlanta substance abuse counseling.

You rationalize that you’re in control and can stop whenever you want which means you’re not addicted. When people say it’s impacting your life, you deny it. Although when you really think about it your body is starting to show that you’re drinking. You don’t feel as healthy. There was that one time that you made your daughter cry. And that time that you got in an inappropriate argument at the restaurant. But that doesn’t mean it’s a problem. Those are isolated incidents. You have a gut check, and admit that this might just be impacting you.

Recognizing that there are issues can cause people to contemplate getting support and maybe seeing a substance abuse counselor in Atlanta. Many of our clients feel uncomfortable with taking the step. We provide a comfortable environment for you to speak honestly about what’s going on. We take a look at how your decisions are impacting you, and work together to explore the best next steps.

Moving Forward

Often times substance use is paired with deep shame. We don’t want to really think about all of the ways we’ve hurt others and ourselves. Yet, when you come to counseling for substance use in Atlanta, you take the step to do just that. You decide to gracefully pull back the layers and explore why you’re making unhealthy decisions, and how you can start regaining your sense of value and purpose. In a nonjudgmental way, we’ll take a look at your use, and explore how you can best care for yourself and others while deciding on how you will move forward.

Together we’ll work towards identifying what’s driving your use, and help you with overcoming it

Our Atlanta substance abuse counselors can assist you with working towards identifying what’s driving your use, and help you with overcoming it. Wherever you are in your journey towards health, there are steps to take to grow. Often times, substance use can impact you by slowly creating issues in your family relationships, friendships, work environment, leisure activities, or physical health. Identifying issues early on can help prevent major issues, but there is help no matter how bad your use is. Don’t let substance use continue to have control over your life. You can find healing in the areas that have been damaged by your actions.

We have worked in outpatient and residential treatment for substance abuse, and as Atlanta substance abuse counselors we have helped people in the early stages of addiction as well as people who have walked through years of addiction. We know about providing healthy boundaries, support, community, and more. We’ve worked with people with substance abuse issues related to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, prescription medication, and more. We help you with exploring your triggers and effective coping skills. Call to discuss how you can take the next step towards gaining support.

*Please note, substance use treatment is a specialty and not all of our counselors specialize in this treatment. If you would like to engage in this type of counseling, please book a session with Mikela Hallmark.

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