Counseling for teens

Is your teen acting out, Distant, or Depressed?

Is he angry all the time? Is she crying excessively? Has your teen pulled away from your relationship? It can be difficult to know how to approach teens, and often times parents exhaust all options, and aren’t sure where else to turn. As an Atlanta counselor for teens, I can help.

Hi, I’m Mikela Hallmark (the founder of this practice) and I work with teens. I’ve gotten so busy that I’ve also brought on other amazing counselors who are greatly supportive. Working with teens is a specialty, so if you choose to book an appointment please book one with a therapist who specializes in this area. Read More About The Team Here.

We’ve seen how the changes of adolescence can rock a family. Being a teen is difficult these days. With peer pressure, school demands, and just life in general, our teens are more and more prone to experiencing anxiety, depression, and difficulty in relationships. And you can see it. Your teen comes home and immediately stares at his phone. She lacks connection. She stays in her room. He argues with you over the littlest things. She cries any time you give her constructive feedback. He disappears, and doesn’t tell you where he’s going. She seems distant and angry. You know it might be time to work with an Atlanta teen counselor.

 We work hard to build a trusting and safe environment in which your teen can really talk about what’s going on. We work hard to develop the rapport they need in order to work through what they’re dealing with.




Peer Pressure


Risk-taking behaviors

Low grades

Issues getting along in the home

Substance use

Mental health issues


Social media issues


Sexual abuse

As a parent, you want what’s best for your teen. You want them to experience a life with no stress. You want them to focus on their studies and succeed in life. But you’re not sure where the disconnect is. Your teen doesn’t seem focused, and honestly they’re not really close to the family. You realize you have pushed her to do well in school and in life, but now you’re worried that she’s been pushed too far.

In the Atlanta teen counseling experience, your teen will work to let his/her guard down. We’ll talk about their values, their stressors, their identity, and their support. We’ll talk about ways they can work to communicate with you while building the connections they desire and keeping their sense of identity.

Teenagers go through some pretty rough things, and I can help. I have years of experience working with teen counseling for a variety of issues. Whether your teen is having behavioral issues, school issues, relationship issues, trauma issues, substance issues, or parent issues, this Atlanta counselor for teens can help.

We work hard to meet your teen where he or she is at. We utilize a supportive approach to assisting teens with evaluating how they can work towards positive outcomes. We work together to create treatment goals that assist your teen in overcoming barriers that get in the way of happiness, achievement, and health.

And, we help your teen process what they’ve been through, giving them a safe place to discuss what’s going on. We don’t stop there. We work on healthy coping, social skills, stress tolerance, and we explore the benefits of making healthy choices.