As a therapist for young adults in Atlanta, I know that you can be around your closest friends and your favorite family members and still feel alone. It can sometimes feel like a sense of ‘I am missing something or forgetting to do something.” It’s sometimes thinking, “am I making the right decision or should I have done something else?” It is the pressure of having to have things figured out by a certain time and feeling like everyone is ahead of you. It’s wondering in the back of your mind, “why do I feel lonely?”

Feeling Lonely Doesn’t Have to be Scary

The feeling of being lonely can be scary and seen as such a negative feeling, especially if you never learned how to just be on your own. I sometimes think it’s important to sit with the feeling of being lonely and grow with it. We need to make that feeling less scary and more about how it is sometimes a part of this stage of life.

You Are Not Alone In this Feeling

Your 20s is a time of mistakes, fun, and figuring out life but it can be lonely, and I don’t think light is shed on that part. There is this pressure put on people at the early age to know what you want to do and to figure it out and try not to fail. As a Therapist for Young Adults in Atlanta, I understand that the pressure is lonely. That space of feeling lost or trying to figure it out is lonely. 

It’s also important to acknowledge that this is also a time in our lives where we gain and lose people. Friends and relationships start and end, loved ones may die and there is an overwhelming feeling of loneliness with the ending of those relationships we have with people. There is also the feeling of not having enough relationships that can be lonely. Feeling like you don’t have enough friends or that you aren’t in a stable relationship. Even though feeling lonely is real, you are not alone in feeling alone.

It is also mentally exhausting to feel lonely all the time and not the lonely that can be cured by being with someone. The deeper feeling of being lonely. If you feel this feeling is becoming too overwhelming and affecting more of your daily life, don’t hesitate to take that step to reach out to an Atlanta Therapist today.