Could being a High Achiever actually be a sign of High Functioning anxiety? Well, that depends. As an anxiety therapist in Atlanta who works with high achievers, sometimes it can be challenging to spot the difference, especially since many people with High Functioning Anxiety may not even recognize it as an issue to be managed.

Many people with high-functioning anxiety are seen by others as motivated, disciplined, and driven to succeed. They are organized, excel in their work life, and go that extra mile. Yet, on the outside, they appear calm and collected.

Sound familiar?

If you are a high achiever, you may be noticing some similarities!
However, the difference can be spotted in what’s driving your need for success.

Is it fear of failure? Fear of disappointing others? Is there constant underlying nervous energy? Unfortunately, the struggle is often masked by success, making it more difficult to understand.

Here are some signs of High Functioning Anxiety that may indicate the need to seek support from an Atlanta Therapist:

  • You constantly overthink and overanalyze
  • You experience insomnia or fatigue
  • You have difficulty saying no, and feel the need to please others
  • You excessively worry 
  • You have difficulty expressing emotions 
  • You tend to dwell on past mistakes
  • You tend always to expect the worst and have difficulty relaxing
  • You may be self-medicating with drugs or alcohol

The other concern is that they tend to keep their true emotions and feelings bottled up to present their successful and high-achieving persona. This can actually lead to other mental health disorders, such as depression.

As a Therapist in Atlanta, we offer many options for those with High Functioning Anxiety such as:

  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • EMDR & Trauma-informed Therapy
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Substance Use Therapy

If you or a loved one is experiencing anxiety, or you are unsure if you are simply a high achiever or struggling with high functioning anxiety, just know you are not alone and support is available. 

Contact us today to learn more about High Functioning Anxiety and see if Atlanta therapy is right for you.