Teaching Your teams how to Thrive

Need Your team to go to the next level, but not sure how to teach them to overcome The Barriers that Hold them back?

As a leader, you are constantly looking for ways to change the lives of your group/team/employees. You have a great desire to help them grow, to reach the next level, to reach their goals…and yet there’ only so much you know. 

You’re thinking about bringing someone in. You were thinking about this the other day, when one of your group members was expressing frustration over a challenge they were having. You know they have it in them, but they’re stuck. If they could just see past whatever it is that’s causing them this sense that they can’t do it, they’re not good enough.

While you long to help them move forward, you just don’t kno w how. It seems so simple, and yet you know that thinking of it that way isn’t solving anything. 

Sounding familiar?

When we lead groups of people we realize just how diverse their problems, their lives, their histories, their strenghts, and their abilities are. As a leader, you have the unique privilege and challenge of helping your group soar. And while you would love to be able to do that all on your own, you realize that there are some things you just can’t help them overcome.

And…you’re okay with that. You accept that you can’t possibly know everything about emotional intelligence, resiliency, grit, overcoming shame or anxiety, and truth be told, you probably have some things to learn in this area. And you’ve decided that instead of spinning your wheels and spending your time trying to figure this stuff out, you’ll bring someone in who can teach all of you ways you can move forward.

WE’ve taught teams about:

Emotional Intelligence

Overcoming Anxiety

Dealing with Difficult Personalities

Ways to not Take Things so Personally

Improving Communication


The Power of Self-Care

Making the Goal the Priority

Overcoming Fear, Shame, Judgment, and Perfectionism

How to Improve Relationships

Connecting with Your Purpose

We CAN HELP Teams/groups Get Unstuck and Move Towards Reaching their Goals

There are so many ways that people get stuck. The past can get you stuck. Misunderstandings can get you stuck. Shame can get you stuck. Anxiety can get you stuck. Relationship issues can get you stuck. Pride can get you stuck.

Once stuck, it’s so difficult to overcome that feeling. I help people re-engage with purpose and passion and work to move past negative feelings so that they can reach their goals.

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