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Feeling stuck and just not sure how to move forward? Learn about Atlanta Hypnotherapy

Struggling with issues in your life and feeling stuck? Maybe you’ve tried everything you can think of but just can’t seem to move past things, or change the way you were hoping. You find yourself thinking you might need a supportive therapy that’s not quite like typical talk therapy, but you’re not quite sure what to do next. Our Atlanta hypnotherapy may be a great option for you. Our hypnotherapist describes Hypnotherapy as a state of inward attention and focused concentration. The client remains awake as the hypnotherapist leads the client into trance (which simply means alpha and beta brainwaves decrease as theta and delta brainwaves increase). When in this state, the client becomes highly receptive to therapeutic suggestions. As the therapeutic suggestions are received, the brainwaves change once again with theta and delta brainwaves slowly subsiding and alpha and beta brainwaves returning as the session comes to an end.

In short, when the mind is concentrated and focused, clients are better able to recognize and utilize their inner resources, to develop emotional congruence, to make lasting personal changes, and to learn how to better govern their own lives. Because hypnosis allows people to use more of their potential, they gain more self-control. Our Atlanta hypnotherapy services support clients in moving towards their goals.

You might also be wondering… when is hypnotherapy beneficial?

Atlanta Hypnotherapy can be utilized to help with a variety of challenges, including

Anxiety and stress management

Concentration difficulties


Pain Management

Sexual dysfunctions

Sleep disorders

Problematic Habits

Sports and athletic performance


Weight Control

You may have heard some of these common myths about hypnotherapy:

Myth: Being hypnotized means loss of control. This is not accurate and in fact the complete opposite is the case. Learning to experience hypnosis and/or learning to self-hypnotize provides more self-control for the client.

Myth: People will do out of the ordinary things like bark like a dog or quack like a duck when they do hypnotherapy. This false belief is perpetuated by movies, books and Las Vegas style stage hypnotism shows. Stage hypnotists are stage performers, they are not clinical hypnotherapists with graduate degrees, certifications and professional licenses.

Myth: People “go under” and experience a loss of consciousness while in hypnosis.  Untrue! Hypnosis is actually a state of heightened awareness.  However, because there is an inward focus of attention, some extraneous external happenings may not be noticed.  Even so people usually can remember everything that occurs in hypnosis.

Myth: In hypnosis, the client is under the control of the hypnotist. This is inaccurate as well. With our Atlanta hypnotherapist, hypnosis is not something that is imposed on a client.  The Hypnotherapist merely serves as a facilitator or teacher assisting the client to discover their own inner resources and path to well-being.

Meet our Atlanta hypnotherapist: I am Karen Michael, APC, NCC, CCH. I am an Atlanta hypnotherapist and counselor who believes we all benefit from caring therapeutic support to help navigate the challenges of life. I view each person that I see in our Atlanta hypnotherapy office is a unique and special individual who has the capacity for change and healing. I use a client-centered approach for counseling in which I create a safe and comfortable environment, holding each client in unconditional positive regard. I believe that each of us is capable of the balance, connection, joy and success we desire in life. Read More About Me.

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To find out how we can help, call 678-744-7347

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To find out how we can help, call 678-744-7347