You are successful at work, and your relationships are going great. You have a pretty active social life, considering the last couple of years of a pandemic! Things are going good…but you feel sad, and wonder “could I be depressed?”

Maybe you try to “snap” out of it or distract yourself with a new project at work. You feel like maybe you just need a little more sleep or just get to the gym more often. 

Time is spent wondering if you are depressed, but your low mood doesn’t look like what depression “normally” looks like- you still perform well at work and keep up with responsibilities at home.  So you question if this is depression. 

As a Therapist in Atlanta, I work with many High Achievers. So often, anxiety or depression can be overlooked by high achievers because of the outward appearance of success. However, an internal struggle does exist, and it is helpful to address this in therapy. 

This type of depression is referred to as High Functioning Depression, or persistent depressive disorder (PDD). It is difficult to detect in oneself and challenging to be noticed by others.

Here are some signs to look for if you suspect High Functioning Depression:

  • Depressed or low mood most days, for most of the day
  • Decreased Appetite or overeating
  • Insomnia or Oversleeping
  • Lack of Energy and Fatigue
  • Difficulty Concentrating and decision making
  • Feeling Sad and Hopeless


The key takeaway is that High Functioning Depression can often be overlooked or brushed aside as nothing serious. But the truth is if you suspect your low mood could be PDD, it’s essential to seek support- even if you still look like the picture of success. You deserve to live a quality life you enjoy without internally struggling alone. 

There are many treatment options for High Functioning Depression, such as therapy and medication. You are not alone. And there is no shame in admitting you need support. Contact us today to learn more.