You’ve finished school and now you’re thrown fully into your career, and oh my….it’s a lot!

I know I sound like an old lady when I say ‘oh my’ but hey, that’s what happens. We get old, and I’m….older…

Okay so seriously, this transition can be big, and crazy, and stressful, and anxious, and glorious all at the same time.

As an Atlanta counselor I love walking high achieving young adults through transition. You’ve got so much to consider. What career move do I make? Who do I date? Do I get more serious in my current relationship? Do I break up with them? How do I get through a breakup? What do I do with these feelings of being ‘not enough’ at my new job? Am I enough? Will I make it in life? Do I go out or stay in? How do I know if I’m going out too much? Should I be spiritual, and what if I don’t feel like pursuing my spirituality?

There are so many questions in this stage of life, and trust me, there is no perfect formula for living a perfect life with no struggles, no negative feelings, and no mistakes. If there were a perfect formula, someone would have published it in a book already and made billions. And, none of us would be making mistakes. One day, I will find that formula! One day!

Despite there being no perfect formula, there are ways that this Atlanta counselor helps young adults approach their lives with wisdom.

Yes, wisdom can help you navigate these waters. And since I’ve been through that stage I may be able to offer some wisdom. But truth be told,you have all of that wisdom inside of you, you might just need some support in accessing it.

A big tip I give young adults who come to my Atlanta counseling office is to evaluate their values. So, what’s most important to you in life? Really consider it. Then, start to consider whether your decisions,behaviors, and lifestyle are matching up with those values.

See, we’re already getting wiser!

Okay so part of supporting you is really just being there and validating what your experience is while also encouraging you, as your Atlanta counselor, to do the wise thing. And don’t worry, I don’t and won’t judge your behaviors. Because, we all mess up. We all do irresponsible things. We all make mistakes. I get it. And you get enough judgment from yourself and others in your life. I’ll certainly help you stay accountable if you need that, but I’m mostly here to support you. To encourage you when you need encouragement. To help you see some wise options when you’re too clouded to see them yourself.

If you’re thinking you need a counselor, go ahead and give me a call. Or if you’re absolutely ready, just book an appointment online.

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