CombatNegativeFeelings|Atlanta CounselorsOur Atlanta counselors know that the holidays can be full of joy, excitement, and fun, but often times we come out of them feeling sad, alone, empty, and meaningless. Why is that? One reason can be that the holidays surround you with family, and let’s just admit it. Our families are sometimes our biggest triggers. They’re the most difficult to deal with. They cause the most drama. Maybe not every family is that way, but so many are. That’s for another article.

Another reason we come out of the holidays feeling this way could be because we aren’t focusing on our spirituality. We lose sight of our inner workings because we are so focused on other people, gifts, celebrations, and decorations. We are enamored at all of the things outside of us, but lose sight of the beauty that is within us. Our Atlanta counselors are here to help you combat that.

Spirituality is a big component of life, and there are many factors that can contribute to your spirituality. However you practice your spirituality, it is important to do so throughout the holiday season, and long after it. Paying attention to your internal workings is vital. Praying, meditating, resting, reading, growing oneself…they are all part of it. Spirituality involves tuning out the world and getting connected with your true self, and God. It involves connecting with a deeper sense of purpose. It involves challenging the ugly parts of you to become beautiful. It involves deepness, and what beauty comes from diving deep!

One simple way to practice spirituality is to suspend judgment of self and others, and then to practice gratitude and kindness. That’s right. Think about all of the things you are thankful for. Really notice them. Notice the important things. Spend time being genuinely grateful for them. Allow yourself to really take that in. Then, look for ways to extend kindness in  your life. This should most likely not be in an environment in which  you would get praise or noticed for it. Instead, look for ways you can extend true kindness with no reward except the internal reward of extending the very thing that has been extended to you. Love.