The feeling sweeps over you, and before you know it you’ve succumb to it once more. It’s labeled as anxiety, but that may not seem like a powerful enough word to describe how it feels. Once anxiety kicks in, it can be difficult to think about anything else, particularly if you’re prone to panic attacks or anxiety attacks.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

Shortness of breath
Excessive worry
Restlessness or nervousness
Having a sense of impending doom or danger
Trouble concentrating and trouble sleeping
Physical issues including migraines and GI issues
Panick attacks and anxiety attacks

Many things can cause anxiety, and you may be more likely to develop anxiety disorders if you abuse Counseling Atlanta | Are You Analyzing Me?substances, have experienced trauma, allow stress to build up, or have untreated mental health or medical issues. Anxiety can come on subtly or all at once, but anyone who has experienced true anxiety will tell you it’s not fun. Our Atlanta therapists have worked with plenty of clients who report anxiety issues, and we know that through careful consideration we can help you work through the anxieties and live a more healthy life.

Most of the anxieties our Atlanta therapists treat are related to social anxiety, and work/home stress related anxiety. But anxiety doesn’t stop there. We’ve also worked with people with specific phobias including being scared of elevators or crowds. Further, people can also experience obsessive compulsive disorder related to anxiety. This often times includes compulsions to do things over and over or obsessive thoughts about specific things.

Whatever is causing your anxiety it is typically true that the need for control is a driving force. Fear of what will happen can exacerbate anxiety symptoms, and there is power in releasing control and allowing yourself to accept that some things happen, and some don’t. Once you allow yourself to accept risk, it can be easier to work through anxiety. This does not mean that stress and anxious thoughts won’t be there, but by targeting your beliefs you take the power away from what you fear.

Here’s an example of that. Many people experience anxiety related to work. This anxiety can create issues with relationships, issues with work performance, and issues with overall happiness. Being aware of your weaknesses and working to improve at work are important in life, but the anxious feelings that overwhelm you are not. Recognizing the fear of losing one’s job, accepting that this happens in life, and moving forward towards improving yourself despite the risk of losing the job is ideal. Still it’s rough to conquer the feelings of anxiety. This is where thought-stopping, and cognitive reshaping can help. Further, EMDR can be a great therapy that assists with decreasing the power of the anxiety.



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