To all my entrepreneurs, leaders, CEO’s and boss’s in the world, I hear you. As an Atlanta counselor, I see a lot of high achievers in my office. I love working with you! You all have unique personalities, skillsets, strengths, pursuits…and YOU ARE ALL HUMAN.

It’s quite funny sometimes to think about you CEO’s, entrepreneurs, leaders, etc. You tend to have high expectations of yourselves, and others as well. You work hard and often play hard. When you come to my office, many of you say ‘I’ve never done this before’, ‘I have never thought I would need counseling’, or ‘I wouldn’t want anyone to know that I’m seeing a counselor.’

If you’re reading this article though, you may be realizing that some things have been off lately. Maybe you find yourself drinking more, or you’re anxious and you can’t sleep. Maybe your relationship has been on the rocks, or your kids seem disconnected.

Listen, this year there has been so much that CEO’s, entrepreneurs, leaders, etc. have had to face. During the pandemic response some of you had to decide whether you let people go, whether you close your company, how to adjust to the pandemic, how to adjust to an 80% loss in revenue for the year, how to respect the needs of sick employees, how to care for sick family members, and how to grieve death and loss.

It has been a lot. AND, you took your place as a leader. You connected with your grit, stayed strong, did the difficult things, and are making it through. YET, you realize this has taken a toll on your emotions. You feel more irritable or on edge. You feel more uncertain of what you instinctually used to trust. You feel a little more worn, a little more tired. While you know you can get through this, trust me when I say that it can be helpful to move through it with support.

We all know the phrase and can resonate with the fact that it can be ‘Lonely at the top.’ And maybe you’ve been carrying the weight of leading your people, leading your family, leading your home and have done it well, yet you haven’t had a place that you felt you could really just express your stress, explore your emotions, and approach this like the HUMAN that you are (since you’ve been busy being strong for everyone else.)

That’s where this Atlanta counselor for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, leaders, etc. comes in. I can support you in the mess. We can work to help you nonjudgmentally approach your emotions and needs, and care for them. And that may look different for each of you. It might mean you journal or cry. It might mean you choose to set boundaries with yourself and others. It might mean you start engaging in self-care. It might mean you pull your head out of the sand and start working to be more present in the mess. Whatever it is, I’d love to support the journey.