Searching for the Best Marriage Counselor in Atlanta? Look no further. I can tell you exactly who you’re looking for…well, kind of.

Let me explain my hesitation with just putting it out there.

You may not like what I have to say about finding the best marriage counselor in Atlanta. Because, it’s not who you think I’m going to say…well, maybe.

You see, in order for you to find the best couples therapy, you need to first look at yourself. That’s right. Go ahead and look in the mirror. Ask yourself if you’re ready. Ready for change. Ready for growth. Ready to be challenged. Ready to try new things. Because that’s typically what a couples therapist in Atlanta will ask of you.

I have many couples that come to my Atlanta couples counseling office and tell me that they tried couples counseling before and it didn’t work. And statistically speaking couples seek marriage counseling/couples counseling 6 years after the trouble started. That’s many years of trouble.

And most couples expect that a few sessions of couples therapy will do the trick. But when you’re coming with 6 years of issues plus all of your life history, it’s not really realistic to expect that a few sessions will do.

So, another question to ask yourself is if you’re willing to invest hard work and time in couples counseling in Atlanta. Because, it most likely will take a good amount of time and commitment.

And yet, it’s so worth it. So many of the issues that couples come to my office with are solvable. We work on connection. We work on intimacy. We work on communication. We work on you accepting eachother’s influence. We work on emotions.

And it works. Couples therapy works.

So, how do you know who the best marriage therapist or couples counselor in Atlanta is?

Instead of naming names, I’ll give you some tips on characteristics to look for.

Does your Atlanta couples counselor seem able to genuinely connect/empathize with both parties?

You’ll want to find a good fit. Someone who you both feel comfortable with, but can work to really see you both as couples rather than just taking sides with one person or the other.

Do you feel comfortable being challenged to change by your Atlanta therapist?

If this therapist were to challenge you, would you feel comfortable accepting the challenge? This means knowing yourself. Some people won’t listen to a male, or a female. Some people don’t feel comfortable with younger therapists, or older therapists. And if you know that you have biases, then find someone who fits what you would be most willing to be challenged by. Keep in mind, that there are amazing therapists who will not fit your expected mold. If you’re bold enough to keep an open mind then this tip won’t be so important. However, if you’re really needing counseling now (which most couples are once they actually decide to look), and you feel overwhelmed, go ahead and look for someone who might fit the mold.

Does your couples therapist have training?

Some therapists say they do couples counseling but don’t have specialized training in it. I encourage you to ask what your couples counselor’s training and background is. Your therapist has a stronger background to pull from when they have experience and training in couples therapy. And, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask them about this. There are some really great trainings out there, and I don’t preach one over the other. A couple of the good ones that I like are EFT and Gottman Method (this is the one I’ve got training in.)

Do you feel comfortable with your marriage therapist’s ability to support you in pursuing your morals and values?

Many of my couples will ask questions about whether or not I feel comfortable working with a couple that is experiencing xyz situation. And I try to provide honest answers to them. Don’t feel shy about going ahead and asking that question. Hopefully your couples counselor is comfortable with being asked. There are couples therapist who specialize in working with the LGBQIT community, or Christian counseling, or healing from affairs….you get the gist. Find someone who feels comfortable working with your situation.

Is your therapist open to your feedback?

Part of great counseling environments is when a client feels confident in sharing how they are feeling about the therapeutic experience, talking about what’s working or not working, and really just sharing their reality. Try to find a therapist you feel comfortable being open with. This doesn’t mean your couples counselor will agree with everything you say. They might even challenge you on some things. It just means you’ll feel comfortable with going there. And, this also means that if it’s not working, if it’s not a good fit, or if you’re not making progress, your counselor will be willing to provide you with referrals to counselors that might be a better fit. I love when my clients are honest with me! Because I believe this is important. Your relationship is important. Your investment is important. And there’s no way I want to get in the way of all that.

Okay, so I know I didn’t give you names. But that’s part of the process. Start researching. You’ve found a couples counselor’s website, and you can read more about me. If I’m not a good fit, keep looking! Search for a person you feel comfortable with. Many therapists will schedule phone calls during which they’ll give you some general information and allow you to ask questions before you schedule an appointment. That’s a great way to get a general sense of the couples counselor before you set an appointment up. So, give me a call or whoever a call. Just go ahead and get started.

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