Counseling Atlanta TherapistWe’ve posted several blogs about times that therapy is appropriate for people. Most of the time, our Atlanta therapists can help. But, there are a few times therapy just won’t work. Before you read about them though, I would like to let you know that if you fall into any of these categories we can help you get unstuck. So don’t fret. If you need therapy, but still fall in these categories just let us know. Our Atlanta therapy team can help you process why you’ve got barriers up and help you get past them so you can move into a new place personally.


1. Therapy usually doesn’t work if you don’t allow people to help. I know it sounds obvious, but some people don’t want help and this can be for various reasons. Some people enjoy drama in their lives. They would rather not do the work, and come to therapy every week to complain about their lives. This can be for a lot of reasons. Maybe they’re lazy, or they’re comfortable, or they enjoy attention.

2. Therapy usually won’t work for you if you aren’t willing to talk. Again, seems obvious but sometimes it’s more complicated. If an adult is having issues with their teenager and they bring the teenager to Atlanta therapy in hopes that they can get help but the teenager refuses to speak a word, it might not work.

3. Therapy usually doesn’t work if you aren’t willing to be vulnerable emotionally. This is a tough one because it’s natural to feel hesitant to share when you meet someone new. Men in particular seem more hesitant to discuss emotions, vulnerability, etc. At some point in the process though it’s necessary to be open with your Atlanta therapist.

4. Therapy usually doesn’t work if you have a problematic addiction you aren’t addressing. This one is sometimes tricky. Say for example a couple is having relationship issues but it stems from one of the spouses having an alcohol problem. If the alcohol problem isn’t being addressed then it will be very difficult to help the couple.

5. Therapy usually doesn’t work if abuse is occurring and it isn’t being addressed. Please know that abuse is very damaging to individuals, and the primary need for any person is safety. If safety is not being addressed then much of therapy will be outshined by a person’s need for safety.

In most of these situations our Atlanta therapy team can still help. We have dealt with a lot of people with a lot of barriers in treatment. We have met the teenager that won’t talk, the woman that doesn’t want the help, and the man that struggles with being vulnerable. We have worked with the person struggling with addiction, and the individual who has been a victim of abuse, and WE HAVE HELPED ALL OF THEM. Notice, I said counseling usually doesn’t work if…and that is the truth. These barriers can get in the way of progress in counseling, but they’re just barriers and most of the time they can be overcome.

If you’re wondering if Atlanta therapy services will help you feel free to give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation at 813-586-0368.

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