Relationships are hard. Two different people, each with a set of hopes, dreams, history, triggers, and baggage are trying to get their needs met. Our Atlanta couples therapists love what we do.

Did you know that most couples wait for an average of 6-7 years to seek counseling after their relationship starts to decline?  During this time, there is much hurt and resentment, decreased trust, increased conflict, and more shutting down and feelings of loneliness.  By the time couples are in therapy, they are desperate for relief and change.

If you’re looking for couples therapy in Atlanta, there is hope for you. 

Know that it will take some time, effort, and willingness to tolerate discomfort.  Here are some tips to maximize success.

Find a Couples Therapist

Couples therapy is different from individual therapy.  Your therapist should have specific training to work with couples in an evidence-based method.  Some of these include the Gottman Method, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Imago Relationship Therapy.

These are some common ones, but there are other effective methods.  Ask a prospective therapist if they have any training and experience with couples.   

Be Ready to Own Your Stuff

Your Atlanta couples therapist is trained to point out unhelpful patterns, behaviors, or beliefs that they observe in your relationship.  Sometimes, this might sting a little.  Try to adopt the mindset that it is not a personal attack, but rather data that might improve the relationship.

No person goes into a relationship with everything figured out, and your therapist knows this.  A good therapist is also aware of their own humanity, and will be approaching this process from a place of humility, empathy and support rather than judgment.

Think of the Relationship as the Client

In couples therapy, the relationship is the client.  This means that you and your partner are on the same team, sharing a common goal.  Shifting the focus from “Fixing the partner” to “strengthening the relationship” can help make you more open to each other’s observations, needs, and experiences.

Of course, there may be other goals for your couples therapy in Atlanta.  You may be unsure if your relationship can be saved.  You may want to explore how to parent well as a team. Or you may want to figure out if your relationship can heal from infidelity.

There is no magic solution for your relationship.  But with guidance, work, and a commitment to the process, you’ve got a chance to build the relationship of your dreams.  Contact us today to find out more or schedule an appointment.