As an Atlanta therapist I’ve heard the question a million times in a million different ways…”Does therapy really work?” It’s an understandable question, but if I gave in to my initial temptation I might need to go off on the person that asked the question. I’m a pretty level headed person who generally makes sound decisions. Why would I pour my life into providing therapy in Atlanta if counseling didn’t work? Luckily I’m a therapist, and we are trained to be understanding. I don’t go off on people. Instead, I embrace the question.

I get why people ask the question. The picture most people have of therapy is a little daunting. Take a moment and AtlantaTherapistpicture what you think of therapy. Go ahead. What would it look like if you were sitting in a South Tampa therapist’s office?

Many people picture what you see in the movies. One person is laying on the couch while the other sits in a chair, judging and making conclusions. Or, one person is crying hysterically, probably because they just found out they’re crazy. The reason for the question of “Does therapy really work?” is that most people don’t really understand what therapy is really about, and that’s okay.

What I love about that question is that there is room for an answer after it’s posed. My answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Therapy isn’t some weird experience during which a counselor digs deep into your soul, pulling out your worst fears and shining them in a bright light for the world to see. The reality of working with our Atlanta therapists is that it’s more about having a conversation. We work with you to figure out what it is that’s getting in the way of your happiness, health, or emotional well being. This can cover a lot of things, and our Atlanta therapists are there to help you figure it all out. We believe that most of the time people hold the answers to the tough issues in their lives, but sometimes they can use help sifting through the distractions to get to the answers.

This doesn’t just work with individual counseling. It also applies to marriage and couples counseling. Atlanta therapists can work with you to figure out the things that are getting in the way of your relationship success. We don’t take sides. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about figuring out how to build your relationship up. Sometimes relationships can be difficult. History gets in the way. Life gets in the way. Frustrations get in the way. Our Atlanta therapists help you work to push those things out in order to get to the core of how to begin rebuilding a lasting relationship.

This practice actually offers a unique opportunity to have a free consultation with an Atlanta therapist in order to help you figure out if therapy is right for you. We enjoy the opportunity to talk with people about whether or not they could benefit from therapy, and the consultation is with no obligation. If you don’t think we are a right fit, or we don’t think you are a right fit, we are happy to refer you to providers who might work better.

Therapy works for mending relationships, overcoming trauma, creating boundaries, building happiness, grief, trauma, personal growth, personal change, and more.

There are a few things therapy doesn’t work for….Don’t worry. You probably don’t do them, but we know you probably want to read about them anyway.