You may have been told that being in your 20s is supposed to be some of the best years of your life.

Goals in your 20s typically look like going to a good college, graduating, and getting your dream job right away. 

Being in your 20s is supposed to be a time where you explore, make mistakes, love, hate-and love again.

Maybe no one told you this was going to be such a challenging time.

Or maybe those around you don’t seem to understand the difficulties you are facing. Or they dismiss your struggles as unimportant altogether. 

Maybe you’re a young adult in Atlanta and feel unprepared to navigate these hardships in your 20s.
This decade of your life is a hard one and there seems to be a theme to it- that “it’s ok to not be ok”. There may even be times where it’s hard to put a smile on your face. Just know this -you are not alone.

Tips For Young Adults in Atlanta

If you’re seeking support and trying to navigate your 20s, it often happens that those around you tend to share things that aren’t exactly helpful or you have heard at least once “you’re too young, you’ll understand when you’re older”. That’s not exactly helpful!

As a therapist for young adults in atlanta, I’m here to share 5 things you should have been told in your Twenties:

1. Find time for yourself

That sounds simple, but you will be surprised about the amount of people who don’t set aside time for themselves. Life is hectic and self-care is a must. It can look like many different things so don’t be afraid to have your own definition of self-care.

2. Some Relationships will get stronger, and some will not

When you’re younger you might think you will stay best friends with everyone. But moves, life changes and other things can cause even strong relationships to fade, and that’s ok. You will meet all kinds of new people and have opportunities to create strong relationships with others.

3. It’s hard to make friends

It is so much easier to make friends when you are forced to be around the same people 3-7 hours a day, 5 days a week. When you leave school and join the corporate world, making friends seems a little more difficult than it used to be. 

Joining Facebook groups for your city, playing on recreational sports teams, going to networking events are all little things you can do to make a few friends here and there.

4. Being on your own is scary but also empowering

The first time you move away from home will probably be the most exciting, scary, stressful thing you do. You might feel lost, feel sad, or extremely happy. This new sense of freedom will also feel so empowering.

5. You will start to grow out of the “old you” and that’s ok

Whether you stayed home to work for the family business, traveled cross country to start a new job, ended a long-term relationship or just got into graduate school, you are evolving and growing. You might not see it right away, but these new experiences start building on and we start to create a new version of ourselves that we either like or don’t. It might take a few changes here and there, but you will soon be a version of yourself that you love and are proud of.


As a therapist for young adults in Atlanta, I know that being in your 20s is an enjoyable time but it is also a time where you are growing, you are learning, making mistakes, or getting that promotion. It is a time that you find new friends and maybe reunite with old ones. It’s a space when you’re feeling “not ok” and that is ok. It’s a feeling of excitement, exhaustion, healing and empowerment. 

It can be hard to navigate all those things alone, and please know that you don’t have to. If you would like support, or to learn tools and techniques to cope with everything going on,  please reach out to a Therapist for Young Adults in Atlanta, today. You have a life worth living and you matter.