Kevin Condon - Atlanta Counselor - Male

Kevin Condon – Atlanta Counselor

We are so excited to announce that Kevin Condon, LCSW is now providing counseling at our Atlanta practice. He brings with him 17 years of experience in the counseling community. And, he just so happens to enjoy helping people work through depression, anxiety, couples issues, and trauma. 


It’s understandable that people look for different qualities in their therapist, and looking for a male Atlanta counselor is certainly something that people do. Why? There are lots of reasons honestly. Whatever the reason, we support you in finding what you need.

Truth be told, some men want to work with a male because he gets what it likes to be a male. Some people don’t trust or like women, so they prefer to work with a male Atlanta counselor. Some men feel attacked when they attend marriage counseling with their wife and a female counselor, so they prefer a male couples counselor. Some women prefer to an opposite sex therapist working with them and their female partner. The list goes on.

What we can say, is there are plenty of reasons we support people in working with Kevin. And they’re honestly some of the same reasons why we tell people to see a counselor in general.

Here’s a little about Kevin:

He’s known for having a relaxed and supportive personality. He is non-judgmental and is actually pretty good about recognizing  will work with you to help identify your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses.

Kevin brings 17 years of counseling experience with him. and His experience includes working directly with first responders, veterans, and a variety of professionals on issues of mental health.

Kevin has knowledge about working with depression, and anxiety, and relationship issues. He enjoys helping people individuals, couples, and families move from difficulty into support and healing.

Our clients tell us that the environment of not being judged provides a level of comfort which allows them to be open and honest in the process of self-examination. Seriously, this is one of the biggest things we do at our practice. We help people work to release judgment and shame (which feed anxiety and depression), and . Clients also learn to accept their humanity, including, (areas of strength and areas needing improvement, and all) and still work while working to achieve their goals. That’s quite a lot of words, but Kevin has a way of helping you feel ‘not judged.’

Kevin is trained in EMDR which is a trauma therapy that can be greatly beneficial for people struggling with trauma related symptoms. Our founder is also trained in EMDR, and we’re super excited that Kevin is joining so that we can provide even more availability for this awesome therapy.

So, there’s a little bit about our new counselor. He’ll be posting some helpful articles eventually and we are thrilled that he is joining to provide just another option for people’s Atlanta counseling needs. So, why not find a male Atlanta therapist? Or an Atlanta therapist in general…Why not find some support?