What is Trust?

Trust can mean many different things to different people. It can be defined as being able to let you let your guard down because you feel safe with someone. Trust can be a sense of loyalty to someone or something and the feeling of knowing you are in good hands. As a Black therapist in Atlanta, I understand that trust can be defined in many ways, and it’s really up to you to determine what trust means to you.

When You Have Trust in a Relationship

  • There is an open line of communication 
  • It increases happiness in the relationship
  • It creates motivation and positive energy in the relationship
  • Instills a sense of security

When You Don’t Have Trust in a Relationship

  • Feelings of insecurity in yourself and the relationship 
  • Feeling alone
  • Potential depression and anxiety 
  • An increase of negative energy in the relationship

As a Black Therapist in Atlanta, Here are my 4 Tips for Building Trust in a Relationship

Now that you know a little about what trust is and some of the positive and negative impacts, let’s talk about how we can build that trust in a relationship.

Open communication

Open communication with your partner will help decrease feelings of being alone. It will also increase a sense of vulnerability with your partner, increasing trust in that person.

Take time to reconnect with each other

Do something that brings you both joy, or do something your partner enjoys and learn something new.

Work on yourself

Always continue to work on yourself. Being aware of your feelings and needs will be helpful when you need to communicate that to your partner.

Be open

This could hold many different meanings. Be open to being vulnerable with your partner; to work on your relationship; for growth and change.

Trust is one of the primary building materials of a relationship. Without trust, you will have a shaky foundation for your relationship which could follow you into other relationships. Trusting someone can be scary, but work with your partner and communicate those fears so you can be comfortable in the relationship. Remember, there is help out there for you if it seems more complicated than you thought!

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