Depression is a difficult thing. Many people who have never experienced depression just don’t get it. Our Atlanta therapists have met clients suffering with depression, who just couldn’t connect with family members or friends because they don’t understand depression.

It’s common to hear people who have never suffered with depression say “why can’t you just pick Depression Counseling in Atlantayourself up?” or “why can’t you just get over it?” It’s understandable that people don’t get it, but these types of statements can be hurtful. Clinical depression doesn’t work that way. It’s not a simple thing a person can just snap out of. Symptoms of clinical depression can include lack of motivation, oversleeping, lack of sleep, irritability, social withdrawal, isolation, sadness, excessive crying, suicidal thoughts, self-injurious behaviors, and lack of involvement in previously pleasurable activities. Our Atlanta therapists know that for a person who is depressed it can feel as though a dark cloud is hovering over their mind. They may not be able to smile, laugh, or care. That does not mean they don’t want to. Sometimes it means they simply can’t. Even if they do smile, or laugh, or get out of bed, or do the things they normally do, they don’t and can’t enjoy it when they are depressed. Our Atlanta  therapists provide counseling for depression. We know that clinical depression can be challenging, but we also know about the interventions that actually help with this disorder. There are two aspects of treatment we address. First, we want to make sure that you are taking care of the chemical component. A person who is struggling with depression is often times impacted by chemical imbalances in the body. There are many things that impact chemicals in the body including medication, exercise, sleep, and diet. All of these need to be considered when working to overcome depression. Second, we want to make sure you are taking care of the environmental aspect. If there are issues in life that are causing depressive symptoms, approaching them differently can make a huge difference. This could mean setting boundaries in relationships, getting a different job, creating a more peaceful and secure home environment, setting personal goals, trying new things, making new friends, or connecting with supportive people. If you are a person who suffers with depression, let an Atlanta therapist help. Don’t wait any longer. There are therapy interventions for depression that can assist you with stabilizing your moods, and help you move toward the life you would like to have. If you know someone suffering with depression, try not to judge them. And, certainly avoid the phrases we mentioned earlier in the article. Of course, a Atlanta therapist can help a person with depression, but there are also things you can do. People with depression benefit when others understand what they are experiencing. They benefit from gentle encouragement to do the things that help with depression. Those things can include therapy, sunlight exposure, healthy diet (avoiding junk food), connecting with others, and exercising. Sometimes, having another person make the plan and taking them to do whatever was planned is also very helpful since depression can cripple one’s abilities to be motivated enough to accomplish this.

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