In today’s fast-paced world, there seems to be expectations from culture, media, and ourselves that paint a picture of how we should be handling the needs of those around us.  We feel sick to our stomach, wring our hands, lose sleep, and exhaust ourselves trying to be everything to everyone.

Pressure can be crushing, especially when you feel it coming from all sides.  How do we show up for our families and our jobs without buckling?

These issues are addressed frequently in our Atlanta anxiety therapy, and we have some tips for you.

  • Acknowledge your needs as important.

As a human person, you also have needs, and they are just as important as those of your family or job. Where do you need care?  Airplanes instruct passengers to secure their own oxygen masks before helping someone else with theirs.  The same idea applies here. 

In order for you to function the best you can, your needs must have some priority.  Getting proper nutrition, finding movement, and engaging in other activities that are fulfilling are 3 ways you can begin to move in the direction of wellness.

  • Explore where your anxiety is coming from.

If we think of our body as a GPS system, then anxiety lets us know we’re off track somewhere. Who decided the route that you’re taking to your destination?

In other words, whose voice or influence are you following? What thoughts or beliefs do you have about yourself as a man, woman, provider, spouse, parent, and where do they come from?

Are you afraid that you’re not measuring up in some way or that you’ll let someone down?  If so, who set the standard? 

Part of our Atlanta anxiety therapy is exploring the negative beliefs and thoughts that we have and being curious about why they are there. With therapy, these negative thoughts and beliefs can be changed to more accurately reflect the situation.  Our therapy can help you reset your expectations and redefine your priorities.

  • Engage your body.

Learning to use your body as a protection against anxiety is just as important as engaging your mind.  A regular mindfulness regimen may actually help prevent anxiety from developing or reaching a level of severity.

Where do you play?  Play is important across the lifespan and helps reduce stress and promotes fun.  Whether it’s a game of driveway cornhole with friends or finger-painting with your kids, play helps initiate the release of endorphins, helping us feel more at ease in the world. Play also helps get us out of our heads and away from rumination.

Our Atlanta anxiety therapy uses a mind-body approach to manage your anxiety.  You will learn strategies, exercises, and techniques to effectively deal with the day-to-day stressors.  Please don’t wait to pursue the peace you deserve.  Call us today.