Labor Day is traditionally viewed as the official end of summer. Characterized by BBQs, pool days, and the unofficial beginning of football season, many people aren’t aware of its origins. Our Atlanta therapists love to encourage people to dig into why we holiday. Why take a break?

This article shares the history of Labor Day.  The holiday’s beginning includes protesting harmful working conditions where employees worked long hours, 7 days a week just to survive.

In today’s fast-paced culture, it can be difficult to understand why employees want to be able to celebrate the holiday.  Many businesses don’t observe it.  Labor Day is about the American worker’s dedication, accomplishments, and contributions to American industries. 

If you run a competitive company and you’re struggling to understand why Labor Day might be important to some employees, this Atlanta therapist who works with CEO’s and Leaders may be able to shed some light.


Everyone wants to know that they are valued, and not everyone views their value through their paycheck.  You’ve probably seen many of your employees work into the evenings and through the weekends. 

Exhaustion makes people less productive.

Encouraging your people to take a break, even a long weekend, can help provide the rest and refreshment that can actually boost the quality of production at work.

Employee Culture and Morale

Allowing your employees to take the day and spend it with family and friends improves your employee culture and morale.  Of course, that’s not always possible in every industry. 

Incentivizing holidays like Labor Day by paying extra, giving a ½ day of PTO, or some other benefit helps employees feel like their efforts matter.  Offering your appreciation in actions they understand increases retention (and actually saves you money by reducing turnover). 


If you’re feeling some resistance to the idea of people wanting time off for “bank holidays,” you’re not alone.  Reflection could be helpful.  How are you viewing the idea of time off? What are your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about Labor Day (and other holidays)?  Where did those come from?  Do you still hold the same values or is it time to challenge the beliefs you have had about holidays and time off? 

Your beliefs and philosophies about business come from somewhere, and it can be incredibly frustrating when it seems like others don’t understand.  Our Atlanta therapist who works with CEO’s and leaders can help you make sense of the pieces leaving you frustrated in your leadership.  Call to find out more or schedule an appointment today!